Putting Thoughts into Words, what are your thoughts?

Who am I? Who are You?

In recent conversations I had, there is a feeling that some people have this sense that we all have arrived where we are in life as a fluke. As if nothing should have led them to where they are now because it does not make sense. We say "Well, I am a good person, I care so much about things and I should have more or be right now exactly where I thought I was going to be or should be. 

These thoughts of not being good enough in present accomplishments or lack thereof lead to the thought "well if I am not "there" where I thought I was going to be, then it is because I don't deserve to have what I want or to be who I want to be." 

The Question...

So to answer where you want to be its best to ask,  "Who are you?" Are you the expectation of your parents? Are you the thoughts of your friends? Are you the representation of what you thought? Which is to say you should be who you think you are or have you lost yourself in attempting to answer the question of who are you in those thoughts? 

What you are not...

You are not your name, that was given to you by some arbitrary decision sometimes meaningful in being named after a saint or person of meaning to the individual who named you. The meaning of my name 'Jorge' is "farmer" - I have no sense or thoughts of being a farmer, I am an example of "I am not my name."

You may say you are your thoughts but are those thoughts yours or are they the outward spoken thoughts of others that made you think about who you are? 

Still THE Question...

Who are you really when you aren't even you from a week ago? You may not even be you from 5 years ago. I guarantee that if you go back to your writings of when you were in the 3rd grade you will find that you may have been a different person. That life then was about playing, learning and exploring. 

So then life was simple and so it was easier to answer the question of "Who are you?"At that time you were there and nowhere else. In the present moment, you are here and this is you. When you are in the way of waking up and finding out who you really are, what you are doing is hopefully recognizing that you are not a puppet that which life is pushing around. 

Keep going, almost there...

You are reocngininzg that the real you is the essence of life and the whole universe. The real you is an ever-evolving, learning, exploring the mechanism of what the universe is. which is to be in nonjudgment of your being and becoming the discovery of what is the best in life. 

Which is that you are the universe. And you can sing, you can dance, you can learn, you can sense the world, you can extract information, you can communicate, you can do things and think. You are not separate from the universe, you are the universe. 

You are the best in life and you can be the worst in life because you are everything and you can have 10,000 functions and be 10,000 things. You are like waves, where some days you are calm, you are crests and troughs, where you are sometimes aggressive. 

Alan Watts once posed the question: 

Isn't it odd that anything exists? Existence requires effort, it requires energy. Being is so much effort that we revert to death when we are still alive. It takes an effort of the mind to ponder, to wonder to be more than what it is that you currently are. It is a funny thing that happens when a conversation leads to more thoughts. 

Knowing that all life is a playing and balancing of energy leads me to think that fear is absolutely nothing. That the universe as you and you as the universe is complete freedom. Once you learn again to play there is no need to worry so much about who you are because at that moment you are who you are supposed to be and should simply be enjoying life. 

Finals thoughts and still the Question...

Live life to have fun, live life to explore, live life to help others, live life to love. One of the most fascinating questions in the world is "Who am I?" Because of its mystery and elusiveness, a never-ending journey. We stop to ponder the question because there is no easy answer but I promise if you ask that question and take the journey you will find the reason for what makes you, YOU. 

Put it into perspective: you exchange everything you do for time. Every day you can make a choice to spend your life in “this” way. You exchange a day of your life. I took the time to do something...my time to cook healthy for a healthy heart. Exercise in the morning to spend time with my family in the evening. Make those exchanges worthwhile. - Choose Wisely. 


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